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The CTC Association in conjunction with the University of New England offer the EduOne Program.

This is a free access service for those wishing to improve their skills and learning especially the unemployed.

Call in and check out what is on offer utilising the lap top computers designated for this FREE service.

Centrelink & Medicare

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As an Agent for the Department of Human Services the Warialda CTC offers Self Serve access to telephone and computers specifically designated for Centrelink and Medicare.

Our staff can copy official documents and submit for you, negating the need to travel to larger centres.

We also have access to the majority of Centrelink Forms and are more than happy to assist with the completion and submission of Centrelink and Medicare froms.

Next G Pre Paid

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We stock an exstensive range of Pre Paid Mobile Phones and Internet Modems.

Pre Paid Sim Cards.

Purchase your Pre Paid Vouchers in store as well